19 Jan 2016

Nick Ellis – Medford, Oregon

Nick Ellis is the founder and co-owner of Opposition Brewing Company, based in Medford, Oregon. He has been boating the Rogue and other Southern Oregon

18 Jan 2016

Hugh Hague – Noah’s Wilderness Adventures

Hugh Hague is the owner of Noah’s Wilderness Adventures. He grew up in the river outfitting industry and first discovered the Rogue as a kid

17 Jan 2016

Scott McNair – Jerry’s Rogue Jets

Scott McNair is a manager and pilot at Jerry’s Rogue Jets. His father Bill McNair purchased Jerry’s in 1972. In 2004, Scott began piloting for

16 Jan 2016

Jacob Evans – Noah’s Wilderness Adventures

Jacob Evans (on the right) is a guide for Noah’s Wilderness Adventures and has been boating on the Rogue River for 35 years. The Interview

15 Jan 2016

Dustin Paul – Veteran Outdoor Adventures

Dustin Paul is a U.S. Veteran who discovered a sense of “home” on the Rogue River. For the past six years he has shared the

14 Jan 2016

Steve Welch – ARTA River Trips

Steve Welch is the General Manager of ARTA River Trips. He first visited the Rogue in 1976 and continues to work at least one trip

13 Jan 2016

Bonnie Glidewell – Travel Southern Oregon

Bonnie Ryan is a writer for Travel Southern Oregon and an avid seeker of adventure. She has traveled the world and eventually came back to

12 Jan 2016

Phil Finkel – Rogue River Journeys

Phil Finkel is a guide for Rogue River Journeys and he has worked on the Rogue since 1989. When he isn’t tackling the whitewater challenges

11 Jan 2016

John Fields – Ashland, Oregon

John Fields is a recreational boater who lives in Southern Oregon. He owns and operates Golden Fields Construction in Ashland, Oregon. John has been boating