John Fields – Ashland, Oregon

John Fields is a recreational boater who lives in Southern Oregon. He owns and operates Golden Fields Construction in Ashland, Oregon. John has been boating on the Rogue for 35 years.

The Interview

What is your connection to the Rogue River?

I’m a recreational boater and I’ve been floating the Rogue for 35 years.

Why do you float the Rogue?

Proximity to wilderness from where I live.

Favorite place to be on the Rogue?

Horseshoe Bend, Rainey Falls, and Blossom Bar.

Is there a Rogue community?

I know a lot of people who work on the river, fish and enjoy it. Always running into people on the river, put-in and take-out.

Has the Rogue River influenced your life?

Rivers are part of my life. Quite symbolic in that water is life, and rivers have their eternal cycle. Flow to the Ocean, evaporation, snow and rain in the mountains – Start again.

Describe the the feeling of the Rogue

Gentle wilderness. Mountains to almost coastal. Very moderate climate.