10 Jan 2016

Aaron Lieberman – Orange Torpedo Trips

Aaron Lieberman is the Operations Manager for Orange Torpedo Trips. In between packing trips, scheduling guides, and driving from ramp to ramp, he somehow finds

09 Jan 2016

Robyn Janssen – Rogue Riverkeeper

Robyn Janssen is the Clean Water Campaigner for Rogue Riverkeeper. She was first introduced to the Rogue at eight years old and eleven years later

08 Jan 2016

Matt Volpert – Rogue River Journeys

Matt Volpert is the General Manager of Kern River Outfitters, a whitewater rafting company in Southern California operating on the Upper, Lower, and Forks of

07 Jan 2016

Neil Nikirk – Go Light Outdoors

Neil Nikirk is the owner of Go Light Outdoors. He lives in Joshua Tree, California, and often makes an annual pilgrimage to Southern Oregon to

06 Jan 2016

Angie Fuhrmann – ROW Adventures

Angie Fuhrmann is a river guide for ROW Adventures. Prior to working on the Rogue, she had a cubicle job with the Department of Health

Gabe Howe of the Siskiyou Mountain Club
05 Jan 2016

Gabe Howe – Siskiyou Mountain Club

Gabe Howe is the Executive Director and founder of the Siskiyou Mountain Club. He worked as a caretaker at the Rogue River Ranch on the

04 Jan 2016

Mike Slagle – Orange Torpedo Trips

Mike Slagle is a guide for Orange Torpedo Trips. “I grew up in Grants Pass and I am ashamed to say we floated the river

Michael Dotson of KS Wild and Rogue Riverkeeper
03 Jan 2016

Michael Dotson – KS Wild

Michael Dotson is the Development Director at KS Wild. Prior to moving to Southern Oregon, Michael worked as an Interpreter and Educator at national historic

02 Jan 2016

Aylan Lee – ROW Adventures

Aylan Lee is a guide for ROW Adventures. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Geography at Portland State University. Prior to working on the