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The table below displays named rapids and camps found within the Wild & Scenic Rogue River corridor. Some of the names are links that go to more information about the specific rapid or camp.

Use the search bar below to filter results. For example, “rapids” will filter all rapids, “large” will filter all large camps, “III” will filter all class III rapids.

NameRiver MileCategoryClassCamp Size
Grave Creek Boat Ramp0.0 - RightAccess Point
Grave Creek Riffle0.2RapidIII
Grave Creek Falls0.4RapidIII
Sanderson0.7 - RightCampSmall
Rainie Falls, Left1.7 - LeftCampSmall
Rainie Falls, Right1.7 - RightCampMedium
Rainie Falls1.8RapidV
China Gulch Rapids2.2RapidII
Rum Creek3.1 - LeftCampSmall
Whisky Creek, Upper3.1 - Right CampLarge
Whiskey Creek, Lower3.2 - RightCampLarge
Doe Creek3.5 - LeftCampLarge
Tyee Rapids4.3RapidIII
Tyee4.5 - RightCampLarge
Wildcat Rapids4.8RapidIII
Wildcat5.1 - LeftCampLarge
Russian Rapids5.2RapidII
Montgomery Rapids5.5RapidII
Howard Creek Chute6.0RapidII
Slim Pickins Rapid6.8RapidIII
Washboard Rapids7.2RapidII
Plowshare Rapids7.6RapidII
Windy Creek Chute7.9RapidII
Big Windy Creek8.1 - LeftCampLarge
Little Windy Creek8.5 - LeftCampMedium
Upper Black Bar Falls8.3RapidIII
Lower Black Bar Falls8.5RapidIII
Black Bar Lodge8.8 - LeftLodge
Little Windy Riffle9.3RapidII
Jenny Creek10.1 - LeftCampLarge
Horseshoe Bend10.5RapidIII
Horseshoe Bend10.7 - RightCampLarge
Lower Horseshoe Bend11.0 - RightCampLarge
Telephone Bar11.1 - LeftCampMedium
Telephone Hole Riffle11.4RapidII
Meadow Creek11.8 - RightCampMedium
Dulog Riffle12.1RapidII
Dulog Creek14.3 - LeftCampMedium
Kelsey Falls15.2RapidII
Kelsey Creek15.4 - RightCampSmall
Lower Kelsey Creek15.6 - LeftCampLarge
Battle Bar16.4 - LeftCampLarge
Battle Bar Riffle16.5RapidII
Hewitt Creek17.3 - LeftCampSmall
Winkle Bar17.4 - RightCampMedium
Missouri Bar, Upper Upper18.4 - LeftCampSmall
Missouri Bar, Upper18.5 - LeftCampLarge
Missouri Bar, Middle18.6 - LeftCampLarge
Missouri Bar, Lower18.7 - LeftCampSmall
Quail Creek18.8 - RightCampSmall
Long Gulch19.3 - LeftCampSmall
Long Gulch Riffle19.7RapidII
Big Boulder Rapids19.9RapidII
Island Rapids20.2RapidII
Ellis Beach20.2CampSmall
Johns Riffle20.5RapidII
Maggies Riffle20.8RapidII
Rogue River Ranch21.9 - RightCampLarge
China Bar Rapids21.7RapidII
Mule Creek22.1 - RightCampLarge
Marial Lodge22.7 - RightLodge
Malone Riffles22.8RapidII
Mule Creek Canyon22.9RapidIV-
Blossom Bar Rapids24.8RapidIV-
South Gleason Bar25.4 - LeftCampMedium
North Gleason Bar25.5 - RightCampMedium
Devils Staircase25.2RapidIII
Paradise Lodge26 - RightLodge
Half Moon Bar Lodge26.3 - LeftLodge
Half Moon Bar, Upper26.5 - RightCampLarge
Half Moon Bar, Middle26.6 - RightCampMedium
Half Moon Bar, Lower26.7 - RightCampLarge
Half Moon Riffle26.8RapidII
Huggins Canyon26.9Scenery
East Creek27.3 - LeftCampLarge
Brushy Bar27.5 - RightCampLarge
Brushy Bar Creek27.7 - RightCampSmall
Upper Solitude28.3 - RightCampLarge
Lower Solitude28.5 - RightCampLarge
Tichenor Riffle28.2RapidII
Solitude Riffle28.5RapidII
Tate Creek, Upper29.5 - RightCampSmall
Tate Creek, Lower29.6 - RightCampSmall
Tacoma, Upper29.7 - RightCampMedium
Tacoma, Middle29.8 - RightCampLarge
Tacoma, Lower29.9 - RightCampMedium
Clay Hill30.7 - RightCampLarge
Tacoma Rapids30.1RapidII
Clay Hill Lodge30.3 - RightLodge
Clay Hill Rapids30.6RapidIII
Payton Riffle32.5RapidII
Burnt Rapids33.3RapidII
Watson Riffle34RapidII
Brewery Hole34.5RapidII
Foster Bar Boat Ramp35.5 - RightAccess Point

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