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If you are rafting the Wild & Scenic Rogue or hiking the Rogue River Trail, you will likely need to shuttle your vehicle from your starting point to your ending point. Typically this would be a Grave Creek to Foster Bar shuttle, however there a are other launch locations and ending points that you may utilize. Most commercial outfitters provide transportation back to their trip meeting location at the conclusion of their trips, in which case you do not need a shuttle. If you do need a shuttle, there are two ways to go about having it done: 1 – You can do it yourself; 2 – you can hire a company to do it for you.

Do your own shuttle

There are different routes you can take to run your own shuttle. At the very least, plan on it taking a minimum of three hours round-trip. If Bear Camp and Eden Valley are closed the shuttle will take at least seven hours round-trip because you will have to take the coast route.

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Hire a shuttle service

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