Nick Ellis – Medford, Oregon

Nick Ellis is the founder and co-owner of Opposition Brewing Company, based in Medford, Oregon. He has been boating the Rogue and other Southern Oregon rivers for the past 10 years. He started Opposition Brewing Company in the fall of 2012, making him one of the more popular guys to see on the river because he likely has some of his tasty beer buried in his cooler.

The Interview

What is your connection to the Rogue River?

I am a recreational boater.

How long have you been boating on the Rogue?

Over 10 years now… not sure exactly.

What are your favorite qualities of the Rogue River?

Beauty. Tranquility. Challenging, but not so challenging that it’s intimidating.

Favorite spot on the Rogue?

Anywhere between Graves Creek and Devils Staircase.

Is there a community on the Rogue?

Absolutely. Boaters generally help one another. Look out for each other on the river. If someone is in need, you can almost always count on assistance from another boater.

Has the Rogue River changed you?

Yes. Rafting is a major part of my wife’s and my life now. The river is our sanctuary. It’s where we go to escape the stress of work and life. Some of our best memories have been made on the river.

What is the personality of the Rogue River?

If the Rogue River was a person, it would be that chill friend you have who likes to occasionally do something crazy but usually just likes to sit back, relax, and drink some beers with his/her friends.

Any examples?

Not any single experience in general. Only an amalgam of experiences whereby I, or others, have been in need of something – assistance, equipment, supplies, etc. – and not once have I or anyone else been snubbed. Boaters stick by each other. It’s what makes life on the Rogue so wonderful.

What would you tell someone who has yet to visit the Rogue?

If you haven’t run the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue, you need to. It’s absolutely a bucket list adventure and I strongly encourage all to get out there and experience it.