Kara Spaulding – Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures

Kara Spaulding is a guide for Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures. She started her guiding career in California and then got the itch to travel. She spent most of her time abroad in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca Mexico, working at Osa Mariposa. The hostel was owned by a couple from Denver, Colorado. The connection to Colorado drew her to the state to work as a guide on the Arkansa River. In 2016, Kara discovered the Rogue River and is looking forward to returning for her second year with Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures.

The Interview

How long have you been a guide?

10 years as a guide, one year on the Rogue River.

Where are your favorite places to be on the Rogue?

Right above Blossom and right below Blossom.

Is there a sense of community on the Rogue River?

There is definitely a sense of community on the Rogue; off the river in the lodges, as well as on the river with other companies. With Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures and Lodge, it is a family.

Has the Rogue River changed you?

I wouldn’t say the Rogue has “changed” me, but it has made me appreciate the abundance of life.

What is the character of the Rogue?

Sneaky. Coming to the Rogue as a guide on other rivers, you look downstream and are generally able to see the intensity of a rapid. Meaning, a drop, or a giant wave. I dub the Rogue “sneaky” because when it looks like a cute lil riffle, and you’re not paying attention…she’ll bite!

Any final words?

The Rogue River is a stunningly beautiful river. With lots of history, insane rock formations, weird currents, and flourishing wildlife. The fall is my favorite time to go, but truly…. any day on the river is a good day!