Skip Volpert – Rogue River Journeys

Skip Volpert is a guide for Idaho River Journeys and occasionally makes it out to the Rogue to help with their Oregon operation, Rogue River Journeys. When he’s not on an adventure he can be found in his basement playing Halo on his XBox Live. Just joking. He is always on the river or on the way to his next adventure.

The Interview

Where are you right now and what are you doing?

I’m in Kernville, California, helping Kern River Outfitters get ready for their upcoming season. In other words, I’m a bus mechanic. We’re also getting out on the water and enjoy higher flows than we’ve seen in a long time. My nomadic lifestyle that is spent around rivers, wilderness, and adventuring continues in Southern California.

What’s your connection to the river?

I’m a river guide. I spend most of my summers guiding on the Middle Fork of the Salmon, but I have been able to guide a few late season Rogue trips.

What draws you to the Rogue River?

I enjoy shooting photography on every river I float. Looking through a lens, the Rogue has incredible lighting. I always enjoy shooting during golden hour on the Rogue and in October the canyon glows. Terrific for pictures.

Where is your favorite place on the Rogue River?

It’s hard not to compare rivers, so when I float through a section that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, it leaves an impression on me. Every time I float through Mule Creek Canyon, I’m in awe.

Is there a sense of community on the Rogue River?

Definitely. Whenever I talk with a Rogue guide, it’s evident how much they enjoy calling the Rogue home for a summer.

How has the Rogue River changed your life?

Every river has changed me in ways I’ll never know, or maybe until I speak with a therapist. Every time I have rafted a Rogue trip I’m with either friends, family, or both. And while I wish I can be around those closet to me on every river trip, I’m not. So it’s a good reminder to enjoy those moments, because they can be few and far between.

What is the character of the Rogue?

For me, the Rogue is a good, reliable friend who I only see once a year.