Angie Panter – Siskiyou Mountain Club

Angie Panter lives in Eagle Point, Oregon and has spent the last few years exploring Southern Oregon’s remote backcountry trails. In 2015, she joined the Board of Directors of the Siskiyou Mountain Club. After a couple years as a Director and after hundreds of hours logged on trails throughout the region she became the Siskiyou Mountain Club’s Chairwoman. Angie leads numerous hikes and excursions for the club throughout the year. When she’s not on the trail, she helps people pursue their own adventures with her work at REI in Medford, Oregon.

The Interview

How long have you been visiting the Rogue?

I’ve been floating and hiking the Rogue River for the last four years.

What do you like about floating the river?

Just the right amount of bumps for a beginner to play and learn.

Do you have a favorite viewpoint from the trail?

Favorite place is Inspiration Point [Mule Creek Canyon].

I love the views from the high rocky trails looking down into the gorges.

Is there a sense of community amongst Southern Oregon backpackers?

Yes, the hikers in Southern Oregon have a strong sense of community. Everyone seems to appreciate the gifts this unique region has given us and anyone you run into on the trail has at least one thing in common with you.

Has the Rogue River changed you?

It has given me a healthy respect for the power of H2O.

What is the personality of the River?

A mellow easy going teacher with just the right amount of “spank” when you do something stupid. A couple years ago, my tahiti flipped over when I navigated directly into a large rock and I couldn’t get back in before I lost my cooler and one flip flop. But my life was spared.

Any final words?