Corby Fuhriman – Indigo Creek Outfitters

Corby Fuhriman guides for Indigo Creek Outfitters and is wintering in Whitefish, Montana, working as a ski instructor. Corby made his way to the Rogue after guiding in Alaska and Utah. Corby is one the most positive people you’ll ever meet: “I lived in Uganda, Africa for 3 months doing development work a few years ago. The first week there I had an emergency appendicitis surgery, and the last week I got Malaria. It was still super fun!”

The Interview

What is your connection to the Rogue River?

I’m a river guide on the Rogue with Indigo Creek Outfitters. 

What are your favorite qualities of the Rogue?

The Rogue is one of those places that you fall in love with more and more every time you float down it. The beauty there is something else. Trees everywhere, clear water, gorgeous rocks, and incredible side creeks. The creek hikes are probably one of my favorite aspects of the Rogue.

Where is you favorite spot on the Rogue?

Lower Solitude.

Is there a sense of community on the Rogue River?

Yes, definitely. You know all the guides and start to recognize private boaters who frequent the Rogue. It’s awesome seeing so many friends on the river, where almost everyone is super friendly and outgoing. It’s one big family.

How has the river changed you?

It has. It’s taught me so much about myself and what I care about in life. It has shown me where my priorities are and has taught me to be a better leader. Every trip I go down, I learn something new about myself as well as the river.

What is the personality of the river?

The Rogue is full of eye pleasing sights left and right. There is something new around every corner. In less than 40 miles, you see completely different micro environments, all within the same watershed. It has rapids that are perfect for families and children, and still fun and challenging for the guides.

Have you had an experience that speaks to this character of the river?

My first real season on the Rogue, I had 15 multi day trips down it. The highlight of this section is seeing how it changes my guests. They may start out timid and afraid of water at the put in, and by the time we get to Foster Bar, they can’t get enough of it! From cliff jumping to swimming to paddling inflatable kayaks. I love seeing how it affects those that choose to spend days on the river with us.

Anything else to add?

Book a trip and go raft the Rogue!