Michael Dotson of KS Wild and Rogue Riverkeeper

Michael Dotson – KS Wild

Michael Dotson is the Development Director at KS Wild. Prior to moving to Southern Oregon, Michael worked as an Interpreter and Educator at national historic sites in Kansas and Iowa and for a river conservation organization in California. He enjoys exploring new places either on foot or by boat.

The Interview

What is your connection to the Rogue River?

Recreation boater, hiker, wilderness lover.

Tell us about your line of work

I work at KS Wild and Rogue Riverkeeper

How long have you been working or recreating on the Rogue?

3 years

What are your favorite qualities of the Rogue River?

Wilderness, recreational opportunities, and wildlife.

Favorite spot on the Rogue?

Anywhere on the water.

Can you describe the community of people who visit or work on the Rogue?

River lovers, nature lovers, and fisher-folk.

How has the Rogue changed you?

There was this hike I did recently on the Rogue River trail. There was a clearing in the weather for a day, and so we journeyed down to Whisky Creek cabin. Standing along a bluff, I looked around and soaked in the beauty of the river canyon. It was just one of those moments where nature captured my attention. For the first time in my life, nature made me weep.

What is the personality of the Rogue River?

Casual and fun.

How so?

Having done a couple of Grand Canyon rafting trips and using that as a marker for big water rapids, I’d say the Rogue is nice and easy, with a few moments of heart-beating action at Blossom Bar.

Any last words?

Keep it wild and free.