19 Feb 2016

Thomas Hood – Grants Pass, Oregon

Thomas Hood and his family float the Wild & Scenic Rogue at least once a year. He lives in Grant Pass and works for Frontier

10 Feb 2016

Bill Cross – American Whitewater

Bill Cross wears many hats. He’s an author (Western Whitewater), a whitewater instructor, and registered nurse. He lives in Ashland, Oregon and has been running

08 Feb 2016

Tyler Wendt – O.A.R.S. Rafting Trips

Tyler Wendt works at O.A.R.S. Rafting Trips and lives in Angels Camp, California. He first floated the Rogue River in 2008. When he’s not on

03 Feb 2016

Bob Volpert – Rogue River Journeys

Bob Volpert owns Rogue River Journeys and Idaho River Journeys. He first floated the Rogue 40 years ago and continues to visit the Rogue annually.

02 Feb 2016

Lisa Byers – Former BLM Park Ranger

Lisa Byers worked on the Rogue River as a BLM Park Ranger for four seasons; two in the winter and two in the summer. Outside

01 Feb 2016

Dove Miller – Noah’s Wilderness Adventures

Dove Miller is a guide for Noah’s Wilderness Adventures. She studied Botany at Lane Community College and lives in Eugene, Oregon. The Interview What is

31 Jan 2016

Josh St. John – Klamath Falls, Oregon

Josh St. John lives and grew up in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Today he works for the Union Pacific Railroad and visits the Rogue at least

30 Jan 2016

Isaac and Season Ingram – ARTA River Trips

Isaac and Season Ingram work for ARTA River Trips. When Isaac is not on the water, he is helping others get on the water with

29 Jan 2016

Mike Hale – Noah’s Wilderness Adventures

Mike Hale is a guide for Noah’s Wilderness Adventures. He has been floating the Rogue River for 37 years. He works rafting and fishing trips.