Mike Hale – Noah’s Wilderness Adventures

Mike Hale is a guide for Noah’s Wilderness Adventures. He has been floating the Rogue River for 37 years. He works rafting and fishing trips.

The Interview

What is your connection to the Rogue River?

Raft and Fishing Guide for Noah’s Wilderness Adventures.

How long have you been recreating or working on the Rogue?

37 years

What are your favorite qualities of the Rogue River?

The wild setting and the magic that occurs unexpectedly to those who spent time in the canyon.

Favorite places on the Rogue?

Half Moon

Is there a sense of community on the Rogue?

Yes, not only among your own crew members and guests but with other company crews and lodge crews. My best friends and the river people that I associate with.

What role has the Rogue played in your life?

I have spent months on other rivers around the country but I always come back to the Rogue. It is where my heart is. The Rogue river was my first river trip and I knew that I needed to make it an important part of my life.

What is the personality of the Rogue?

Beautiful with special places for those willing to hike or climb. After 37 years in the Rogue canyon there is still so much I have yet to see.

Being able to share this wonderful place with people seeing it for the the fist time is so rewarding . It is so great to see through their eyes the excitement I felt many years ago soaking this place up for the first time.