Russell Heard – Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures

Russell Heard first kayaked the Rogue River in 2001. Five years later he started running rafts down the Wild & Scenic stretch and he’s never looked back. He lives in Grants Pass, Oregon, and works as a guide for Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures. Prior to moving to the Rogue Valley, Russell spent eight years in the US Coast Guard.

The Interview

Why do you love the Rogue?

It’s isolated, remote.

Favorite place on the river?

Where ever I happen to be with my wife. Isolated one boat camps, etc.

Tell us about the “river community…”

People always seem ready to pitch in and help when it’s needed most. And I’m always running into others I have become friends with from running the river over the years.

How has the Rogue River changed your life?

The river has taught me to relax and take things as they come. The Rogue has always been a place of healing and allowed me the focus on the things in life that matter (other than the river).

What’s the personality of the river?

I don’t think you can nail the Rogue down to a one word descriptor. The Rogue has many personalities and temperaments and I love them all.