James Thomson – Noah’s Wilderness Adventures

James Thomson is a guide for Noah’s Wilderness Adventures. He works as a fishing guide in the Fall and winters in Jackson, Wyoming. He has been floating the Rogue River since 1983.

The Interview

What is your connection to the Rogue River?

River guide for Noah’s Wilderness Adventures and private boater.

How long have you been recreating or working on the Rogue?

First private trip was 1983. 18 years as a commercial river guide.

What are your favorite qualities of the Rogue River?

Wilderness, whiter water, unique scenic quality, whether, fishing, natural and human history.

Favorite places on the Rogue?

Campsite – Kelsey Creek. River sections – Mule Creek to Brushy Bar, Copper Canyon. Paradise Lodge, Lucas Lodge.

Is there a sense of community on the Rogue?

Yes. The history of the boating and boatmen is rich. A group of people who have become the stewards of the River. Along with the community of lodges it has become a very unique place where everyone looks out for each other, and for the River that is our home.

Does the Rogue play a role in your life?

Many places and many rivers. The Rogue is the one I will always come back to, Home. A place that makes sense in a sometimes senseless world. A true refuge for the soul, a sacred place of rejuvenation.

What is the personality of the Rogue?

So sweet, soft, and warm most of the time… But take her for granted, and she will bite you.

Any last words?

Copper and Gold Reflections

Ouzel dipping, Otter playing, Raven, Eagle, Osprey soaring, Salmon and Steelhead jumping, Bear sniffing, Deer grazing, Cougar watching.

Oars dipping, Flies Twitching, River roaring, Boats Dancing and Dipping.

Fire light, Stars all bright. Stories, Songs, Poems delight.

Copper Gold reflections.