Haley Hoback – Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures

Haley Hoback has worked as a river guide on the Rogue River for the past six years. She grew up in Southern Oregon and has been floating and enjoying the river since a young age. She lives in Grants Pass, Oregon, and spends her summers as a guide for Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures.

The Interview

What is the best quality of the Rogue?

The history it holds and the beauty of the river.

Favorite spot on the river?

In a hammock on the shore of Ennis Riffle. It is right above a calm rapid so the sound of rushing water is soothing.

Is there a sense of community on the Rogue River?

Yes, everyone is very friendly and happy on the Rogue. When you turn a corner it is not a competition, it is a friendly hello and smile from everyone. Everyone has each others backs and it is reassuring to know that.

How has the river changed your life?

I have become a happier and healthier individual. I have learned more about myself in multiple ways. From learning that I can do anything I put my mind to like maneuvering through a difficult rapid, to learning that my life does not always have to be go go go and that it is good to sit back and talk with new people and learn about their adventures through life while relaxing. My eyes have been opened more because I have learned more about the world through people I have met on the Rogue River as well as making friends with people all over the world. I look forward to every summer and getting to be back on the water because I know I will always be happy there.

What is the personality of the river?

I would say the personality is always changing. The river is very calm and relaxing at parts but when approaching a rapid the river changes to having a more aggressive and serious personality. When approaching the rapids the sound of the water shows the change in personality.

Have you had an experience that speaks to those characteristics?

Everyday on the river shows these personalities. When floating in the calm spots games can be played or relaxing can take place but when approaching a rapid it is important to pay attention and be more serious for the safety of the boat.

Anything else?

The Rogue River is a must see for everyone. Either getting a chance to visit the beginning of the river around Crater Lake or the end of the river on the Oregon coast in Gold Beach or anywhere in between the river holds its beauty throughout and everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy it.